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バージョン 1.05&1.06(2015.10.10)リリース情報

3dlutcreator‬is updated to version 1.05

 - New color space matrix dialog to create color matrices between popular cameras (Black Magic, Sony, Red, Arri, Cinelog) and color spaces (sRGB, Rec709, ProPhotoRGB, AdobeRGB, ACES, XYZ)
 - Added support for DSC Labs ChromaDuMonde
 - Color checker matching performance improved
 - New Cineon Log curve (for Cinelog and PanasonicV-Log footage)
 - LUT export in Side Effects Houdini format (.lut)
 - Lots of improvements and bugfixes.

3dlutcreator‬ is updated to version 1.06

 - V-Log and V-Gamut support.
 - Two parallel versions of settings (Accessible through Edit-Version menu), so you can create two versions of color correction and compare them.
 - Improved Color Match dialog.
 - Not only Log decoding, but also Log encoding is available now. You can create exposure or white ballance adjustment Log LUTs, or RedLogFilm to V-Log conversion LUTs and so on.
 - Lots of improvements and fixes.